Africa for beginners. This is what i think of marrakech when when it starts. A few kilometers east of Gran Canaria. Somehow like that.
Max has a guidebook with him. He is organized, structured and has a plan. We complement each other.

We drive through the night to our riad in the middle of the medina.
The streets are full of scooters and donkeys. The traffic is confusing and a worry to me, especially at night. From time to time there are commands comming from Max . Without him, traffic would not be possible. I need every available eye.

Die Parkplätze werden zugewiesen. Es tummeln sich mehrere Männer hektisch ums Auto und nehmen eine Gebühr von umgerechnet 3,50 Euro. Wir sind etwas irritiert. Etwas Handlungsgeschick ist nötig um die Männer abzuwimmeln und zu beruhigen. Mit ein paar ernsten Worten sichern wir unseren Parkplatz für die erste Nacht und machen uns auf zum Riad.

The guidebook actually states that we should get an overview of the street structure from one of the elevated cafés in order not to get lost. I have to laugh. Alright, let’s go!


The deeper we go into the medina, the more hectic it gets. We do not take a relaxing holiday with a hammock on the edge of an atoll. We but sip the Café au Lait at our favorite soup trader. The exhaust fumes of the mopeds and the smell of the merchants’ spices creep around the corner in turns. The soup is served from a 100 liter pot. We have to pay only 30 cents for the soup and the café.

We decide to drive through the Atlas Mountains to Agadir on the west coast. I need some break from the city. The route takes us 8 hours through the mountains to the clouds. The scenery is fantastic. Max driving style as well. I prove to be the most annoying passenger in the history of Africa. Little stones on the street seems to wake up deeply anchored fears.


Arriving at the top we only have a clear view for 2 meters and have to drive at walking speed through the mountain air.

We arrive in Agadir at night. The view is quite romantic. Heavy fog is in the air. On the plan for the next day is a small breakfast on the roof terrace and then going  to the beach. Surfing 🙂

We warm up on the beach with a pack of puppies . The sea is rough, it has nothing of Miami. I’m in love!
Confidently I announce to Max that im going to surf the big waves in the background.
In the water it looks quite different. Ultimately, it works quite well. You just have to paddle on the board again and again, against the waves up to the sea. Somehow this is exactly what fascinates me about skateboarding and surfing. Fall down, carry on. Fall down, carry on.
After 2 hours I swallowed a liter of salt water and am exhausted, but incredibly satisfied.


Camera: Canon EOS 5D MARK IV